Vendor Spotlight: Stalite Environmental


Stalite specializes in engineered growing media blends and will be making a presence at this years conference as one of our vendors.

STALITE is the world’s leading manufacturer of expanded slate lightweight aggregate. STALITE Environmental uses the best lightweight aggregate in the world which they blend with other quality natural products to create custom mixes that meet the highest standards for each application.

Take a look at the specifications for our Aquaponics Blends: Stalite 3-4 Side Aquaponic _7-10-2018 (1)


Stalite Lightweight Expanded Slate Aggregate Media
-Manufactured in North Carolina
-Strongest Lightweight Aggregate Available
-50% Additional Surface Area 
-Sterile, Inert
-Available in Several Gradations
-They can ship material anywhere
Check out Stalite at our 2018 Putting Up Shoots Conference. 
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