The NOSB Needs To Hear From Us ASAP

We all need to step up the pressure on the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) ahead of the Fall 2017 Meeting in Jacksonville, Florida Oct 31 – Nov 2.
There is a distinct chance the NOSB may finally vote and officially revoke the organic eligibility of aquaponic production
1 – Actions you can take NOW
2 – Actions in the coming weeks
Within a few weeks, the NOSB will release 1) the transcript of the August 14 Crops Subcommittee call on which they discussed the proposals for organic aquaponics and hydroponics; and 2) the official proposal and meeting materials that will guide the debate and vote at the Fall Meeting.
Once the NOSB releases these documents we will produce a full comment letter responding specifically to the proposal, and send this letter with all Aquaponic and Hydroponic Organic Coalition members signed on. We will forward you a copy of the comment and you can also submit your own or pass it along to others.
3 – Background on this issue

After three days of discussion in April, the National Organic Standards Board deferred deciding on the Organic eligibility of bioponic farming methods, including aquaponics. The NOSB will continue studying the issue and revisit it at the Fall 2017 meeting.

For the time being, water-based production is still eligible for Organic certification. The primary reason for the deferral was the lack of consensus on both the definitions of various bioponic methods and the interpretation of “Organic” by consumers and farmers alike.

Unfortunately, reports indicate that at the August 14, 2017 NOSB Crops Subcommittee conference call, the subcommittee is leaning toward revoking our organic eligibility.

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