STEM Speaker Spotlight: Kevin Savage, PhD


The Use of an Engineering Design Process Model to Teach STEM Principles Using Aquaponics

Putting Up Shoots Conference STEM Speaker Presentation
September 21-23, 2018  —  Hartford, CT

Currently a high school AP Environmental Science and Sustainable Agriculture (Aquaponics / Hydroponics) instructor at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Kevin Savage has a PhD in Quaternary Geology, and 14 years of experience in the environmental and construction engineering fields. This is his 14th year teaching high school, and his eighth year using aquaponics as a dynamic model for classroom instruction and student research.

Some of his past student research focused on flow dynamics in deep-water culture grow beds in aquaponic systems, and the use of air bubble curtains and thermal stratification to direct flow of nutrient-rich water in a grow bed. Current student research is focused on plant production rate differences in coupled and decoupled aquaponics grow beds, and microbiome differences in root masses of plants grown in coupled and decoupled grow beds.

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