Speaker Spotlight: Spencer Curry


Bridging Vision Into Reality: How To Apply Both To Your Aquaponics Venture, The Right Way


Putting Up Shoots Conference Commercial Aquaponics Speaker Presentation
September 21-23, 2018  —  Hartford, CT

Spencer Curry  CEO and co-founder of Trifecta Ecosystems.

Trifecta Ecosystems is Connecticut’s leader in aquaponics technology in the controlled environment agriculture industry. With extensive experience in aquaponics, Spencer and his team are working to cultivate the City that Feeds Itself™ in Meriden, CT and beyond by revealing hidden incentives for communities to grow their own food while raising awareness about sustainable farming. Under his leadership, Trifecta has secured $2 million in funding from the Regional Water Authority of New Haven, has built out a 3,500 sq. ft. indoor urban farm, is working with clients in the education, I/DD, and community development spaces, and has won a number of prestigious awards. Outside of the farm, you can find Spencer hiking (probably with his dog Gabe), listening to audiobooks, and sending weird memes on Instagram.


Presentation Overview:

There’s a little secret about the commercial aquaponics industry that you may not know – it doesn’t really exist yet. However, there are many markets and consumer groups that you may have never thought of that need aquaponics right here, right now. Dive into the future of aquaponics with Spencer Curry, CEO and co-founder of Connecticut’s own Trifecta Ecosystems, and discover the difference between vision and reality, and how both can be used to benefit each other when growing in the commercial aquaponics industry.

We’ll explore the mission behind the City that Feeds Itself™ and take an in-depth look into sectors that are spending on aquaponics right now – helping you to make a solid plan for your business while staying true to your vision. Don’t miss out on this session that will force you to think outside the farm!

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