Presentation Proposals – Fall 2020 Aquaponics Association Conference


Dear Aquaponics World:

Get Ready for the Fall 2020 Aquaponics Virtual Conference!!

Due to COVID19 we are moving our annual conference to the Web this year. We are aiming for mid-October, 2020. 

We need YOU to share your experience and make the conference happen! Please fill out the form, below, to submit a presentation proposal. The Association will respond to your application within a few weeks. All presentation suggestions are welcome.

Presentations are due September 12.

We are seeking presentations in all fields of aquaponics:

Community Aquaponics – To advance aquaponics in the home, neighborhood, and non-profit sector

STEM Aquaponics – To advance aquaponics in the classroom, in STEM curriculum, and in all forms of education

Commercial Aquaponics – To increase the commercial success of aquaponic farms and overcome roadblocks facing commercial growers

Aquaponics Research – To advance aquaponics research and connect researchers at colleges and research institutions

Do you have a presentation that doesn’t fit neatly into these categories? Don’t worry, we still want to hear from you, let us know your ideas.

The Conference will be hosted on the Run World Virtual Events Platform. This exciting, interactive platform can host multiple session formats:

TALK — One speaker giving a presentation with the option of screen-share slide presentations. Talks can be live or pre-recorded. Attendees can interact through live comments, questions, and emoji reactions; and presenters can poll the audience and see results in real-time.

“ASK ME ANYTHING” — 1 speaker receiving and answering live questions from attendees

FIRESIDE CHAT  —  2 speakers to have a live conversation in front of an audience. Attendees can interact through live comments, questions, and emoji reactions.

PANEL DISCUSSION  —  Up to 8 people livestreaming together with an audience. Panel format can also be used for speaker panels or attendee

VIRTUAL TOUR  —  Showcase a video of your system and answer audience questions!

BREAKOUT DISCUSSION  —  Up to 8 people having a private conversation so that all participants can engage and share their ideas. Do you have a topic we need to be talking about? Let us know!


Presenter Guidelines Terms & Conditions

Presenters of pre-recorded videos must have the ability to record image and sound on their devices. Standard recording quality – such as for common video-chat applications – is good.

Upon acceptance of your program, you will be required to enter into a Presenter Guidelines & Consent and Media Release Form. By submitting a program for consideration, you agree and acknowledge that:

Presentations are given voluntarily for educational purposes. Speakers compensated according to the Aquaponics Associations Conference Guidelines and speaking engagements are not related to participation as event or conference sponsors.

The Aquaponics Association takes copyright laws seriously. Please be sure that you have clear rights to use all content including any images in your slides.

Proposal acceptance is based on the information provided at the time of submission. Any changes to content or speakers must be conveyed to Aquaponics Association in advance, and Aquaponics Association reserves the right to cancel or reschedule conference sessions based on changed information.

Presentations are not for the purpose of selling any goods and services, including your own. Solicitation of speaker products and services in such a way that undermines that purpose is prohibited. Exposure for your products and services should be provided via no more than 2 slides and/or up to 2 minutes of total audio time at the conclusion of the presentation.

If selected, you agree to abide by the timeline set by Aquaponics Association and meet all deadlines to the best of your ability.

You will have adequate computer hardware to support the relevant platform, including a microphone, projector and laptop computer for your presentation.

The Aquaponics Association may audio and/or video record your presentation and make it available for members and nonmembers, with or without charge. You authorize the Aquaponics Association to record, reproduce, and publish your presentation in whole or in part.

By submitting a conference proposal, you agree that you have read and understood you responsibilities as outlined in these terms and conditions, and that I will timely execute the Presenter Guidelines & Consent and Media Release Form, which may include additional and more detailed requirements, upon selection of my program.


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