Organic Aquaponics – Microbial Nutrient Cycling!


An extremely large and diverse community of microbes lives in every aquaponic system. One role of this community is cycling nutrients.

Microbes release enzymes that decompose floating organic matter, take up the available nutrients, and eventually make these nutrients available to other microbes or to plants. This is the same symbiotic process that happens in healthy soil, known as the “Soil Food Web”. 

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Aquaponic Systems Utilize the Soil Food Web To Grow Healthy Crops.

Did you know that aquaponic systems are water-based… but they still have a “Soil Food Web”…. Maybe we’ll change the name to the “Water Food Web” since plants and bacteria can live without soil… but they can’t live without water!

Organic Court Case

Why is this important? Right now, a court case is threatening the ability of aquaponic growers to be certified as USDA Organic, even though aquaponics growers can abide by all the Organic regulations of the National Organic Standards Board.

Organic Certification is critical for many commercial growers to meet consumer demand and achieve equitable price points. 

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