Introduction to the Members Area


Welcome to our Members site.  Once logged in, you will be directed to our Members-Area Page.  The Logged in bar should be showing at the top right corner as shown but this picture.


This is the main activity area for our community.  You can share most anything here much like a post to any social media platform.  From the menu in the top right corner you can customize your profile and change your username to anything that you would like.  This is important because you can tag anyone in a post by using there username.  For example, the user in the picture, username is “@aaron”.  You can find anyones username by visiting their profile.
Friend requests can be sent out to grow your connections. There is also a place for you to upload pictures and audio, join or create groups and co create documents  with one another.  Create and share  or join events.


Switch to Mobile App










Our mobile Web App is designed to help our members connect better on mobile devices.  Members please try both versions to find which environment you enjoy the most on your devices.  Cheers!


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