From Science to Practice


I had the pleasure last week of attending and being a panelist at the EU Aquaponics Hub conference: “From Science to Practice”.

The conference brought together top aquaponics practitioners and researchers from around the world to discuss how to move our practice forward; both in terms of system efficiency and commercial success.

One interesting observation: in Europe aquaponics is driven more by research institutions, whereas in the U.S. it is more from personal “backyard” growers and budding commercial operations.

Also attending from the U.S. were Janelle Hager from Kentucky State University and Ryan Chatterson from Chatterson Farms.

Janelle discussed research trends in the U.S and Ryan presented the most current developments in commercial aquaponics. On my panel we discussed how to quantify and account for the efficiency of aquaponics in our current economic system.

Other notable presentations were from Austin Stankus of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, who discussed how aquaponics is overcoming barriers and being adopted at all levels around the globe; and from Faris Farrag, Manager of Bustan Aquaponics, a large commercial enterprise in Egypt.

Let us continue to collaborate with our friends across the pond!

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