Flourish Farm Aquaponic Business Course

An Aquaponic Farming and Business Course built from years of experience designing, building and running aquaponic farms.

This comprehensive four-day training is for individuals, families or organizations considering aquaponic farming as a viable business opportunity

This course is an important first step if you are…

  • A family looking to start a business growing fresh healthy food in your community
  • Desiring to change the food system one small farm at a time!
  • Changing careers or retiring and want to work in a beautiful greenhouse with fish and plants
  • A non-profit organization with a mission to serve a community in need of healthy food
  • A for-profit organization looking at aquaponics as an investment opportunity
  • Already experienced with aquaponic gardening and want to scale it up
  • Simply wanting to learn more and gain valuable experience from people who have been through it
  • Interested in developing or running aquaponic farms in other parts of the world

Our Aquaponic Farming Course is taught by our expert team and will cover all aspects of aquaponic farming including design, building and material considerations, environmental considerations, sales and marketing, and all operational aspects of running an aquaponic farm.

Register at https://www.theaquaponicsource.com/shop/aquaponics-training/aquaponic-farming-course/