Aquaponics Association Annual Conference

2017 — Putting Down Roots — Portland, Oregon…
2018 — Putting Up Shoots — Hartford, Connecticut…
2019 — Putting Out Fruits — Frankfort, Kentucky…
2020 — Online Virtual Aqua-Conference!!!

In October, 2020 we will be online for the Aquaponics Association Annual Conference, Stay tuned for ticket info!!

We are currently accepting presentation proposals. Do you have something to share with the aquaponics community?

Submit A Presentation Proposal.

The conference will run for three days and feature: the top aquaponics experts from around the world; virtual tours of commercial aquaponics operations; a virtual vendor showroom; interactive discussions and social events for aquaponics growers of all types to collaborate.

Presentation proposals are due August 30, 2020.

We are seeking presentations in all fields of aquaponics:

Community Aquaponics – To advance aquaponics in the home, neighborhood, and non-profit sector

STEM Aquaponics – To advance aquaponics in the classroom, in STEM curriculum, and in all forms of education

Commercial Aquaponics – To increase the commercial success of aquaponic farms and overcome roadblocks facing commercial growers

Aquaponics Research – To advance aquaponics research and connect researchers at colleges and research institutions


Run World Virtual Events Platform

The Aquaponics Association’s Annual Conference for 2020 will be on the Run World Virtual Events Platform. This exciting platform can host multiple session formats and allow guests to interact and make new connections! What a way to expand aquaponics to new frontiers!

Session Formats Include:

TALKS — One speaker giving a presentation with the option of screen-share slide presentations. Talks can be live or pre-recorded. Attendees can interact through live comments, questions, and emoji reactions; and presenters can poll the audience and see results in real-time.

Talks can be as short as 15 minutes, or as long as an hour and a half! Now that we are breaking free from physical conference logistics, the possibilities are endless!!! 

“ASK ME ANYTHING” — 1 speaker receiving and answering live questions from attendees.

FIRESIDE CHAT  —  2 speakers having a live conversation in front of an audience. Attendees can interact through live comments, questions, and emoji reactions.

PANEL DISCUSSION  —  Up to 8 people livestreaming together with an audience.

VIRTUAL TOUR  —  Showcase a video of your system and answer audience questions!

BREAKOUT DISCUSSION  —  Up to 8 people having a private conversation so that all participants can engage and share their ideas. Do you have a topic we need to be talking about? Let us know!

COCKTAIL HOUR  —  Attendees are matched with eachother via virtual handshake and can connect through engaging 5-minute audio chats. After the party, they can choose who to follow up with through one easy click. Fun networking!

DIRECT MESSAGING  —  Throughout the Conference, guests can interact with one-on-one chat conversations!

Stay tuned for ticket information