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Working Group Interest Form

Working Groups Interest Forms

Aquaponics in STEM Education

Community Aquaponics

Commercial Aquaponics 

Aquaponics Research

Aquaponics is an exciting and rapidly evolving industry. In an effort to keep up with changes and to make sure that the interests of aquaponic farmers in all walks of life are represented, we have created working groups to help us stay active in each of these four fields. 

If you feel that you have a little extra time, specialized knowledge, or a desire to help move the industry forward,  then we need you for one of our working groups! 

Please keep in mind that our working groups are in the fledgling stages right now.  When we get them up and running, we will contact you. 

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Welcome and Congratulations on your decision to become an Affiliate Member of the Aquaponics Association. It is our goal to make this a mutually beneficial relationship and we would like to start by adding your Aquaponics related business onto our Affiliate Page. This will allow you to be visible to all of our members as well as all of the visitors to our website. 

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