Aquaponics Cannabis Master Class from Potent Ponics


Check out this great class from our Affiliate Member, Potent Ponics!

This comprehensive class covers all you need to know to successfully grow cannabis aquaponicly including: System Design, Nutrients & Supplementation, Pest Management, Plumbing Design and Troubleshooting, Fish Husbandry, Maximizing Yields, Fast tracking new genetics, Microbial Inputs, Harvesting and Curing, Licensing and Permitting, Archive of Insects & Pathogens both Video and Pictorial, Reference Tables and countless other topics. It’s a little cheaper before the end of the month so if you’re looking for the ideal holiday gift for your sustainably minded stoner there’s never been a better time to dive in especially with federal legalization being just around the corner. New sections will be released weekly starting on Saturday with all content Live before Christmas. New sections, slides, and demonstrations will be added regularly to keep you current on the latest innovations. More info at or see the link in my description.  

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