Aquaponics Association Working Group Participation


In 2019, the Aquaponics Association Board of Governors created the framework for four “Working Groups” to focus on advancing distinct fields of aquaponics:

Community Aquaponics – To advance aquaponics in the home, neighborhood, and non-profit sector

STEM Aquaponics – To advance aquaponics in the classroom, in STEM curriculum, and in all forms of education

Commercial Aquaponics – To increase the commercial success of aquaponic farms and overcome roadblocks facing commercial growers

Aquaponics Research – To advance aquaponics research and connect researchers at colleges and research institutions



Working Group functions are to:

  • represent the applicable field of aquaponics to the Aquaponics Association Board of Directors and the Public;
  • provide input to the annual conference program on this field of aquaponics;
  • moderate relevant Member chatrooms and conference breakout discussions;
  • maintain current information about this field of aquaponics; and
  • identify activities the Aquaponics Association can take to advance the relevant field of aquaponics.



To join a Working Group, you must:

  • be a Member of the Aquaponics Association;
  • have at least one-year of experience in the applicable field of aquaponics;
  • commit to approximately 3 hours per month toward Working Group Activities, including Group phone / video meetings; and
  • commit to participating in at least 50% of Group phone / video meetings.



Each Working Group:

  • will have a Director, appointed by the Board, that reports to the Board and sets the Working Group Agenda;
  • will aim to have at least one Group phone or video call every 2 months to advance the Working Group Agenda;
  • may use the Aquaponics Association Member’s Area Discussion Rooms for day-to-day discussions and notices; and
  • will immediately begin planning for applicable program track for the Aquaponics Association’s Fall 2020 Virtual Conference.

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