Revised Statement on the White House’s Aquaculture Executive Order

The Aquaponics Association has published a Revised Statement on the White House’s Aquaculture Executive Order 13921, Promoting American Seafood Competitiveness and Economic Growth. This revision reflects the importance of marine aquaculture. This Statement is another step in an ongoing conversation to create a more effective, long-term national system of aquaculture. Click here to read the full statement:Continue reading

2020 Statement on the Organic Certification of Aquaponic Crops

The Aquaponics Association is publishing the 2020 Statement on the Organic Certification of Aquaponic Crops to explain to policy-makers, the media, the public, and other industry players that aquaponics is a perfect fit for the Organic label; and that losing Organic-eligibility will set back this vital, sustainable industry. Over 200 organizations and individuals signed theContinue reading

$150 Million in New USDA Grants for Sustainable Agricultural Systems

The USDA has published a Request for Applications for 2021 Sustainable Agricultural Systems Grants totaling $150 Million. The Grant is run by the USDA’s Agriculture and Food Research Initiative. Letters of Intent are due January 7, 2021; applications are due April 1, 2020. Click to view the Request for Applications: 2021 USDA Sustainable Agricultural Systems GrantsContinue reading

Creating the Aquaponics Economy — Brian Filipowich

In this video, Aquaponics Association Chairman Brian Filipowich discusses Creating the Aquaponics Economy. Click to see PDF slide presentation:  Creating the Aquaponics Economy Do you want to support Aquaponics? The Aquaponics Association is a nonprofit that cultivates aquaponics through education, advocacy, and connection. Please consider a General Membership to support this cause. Benefits of MembershipContinue reading

Aquaponic Pumpkins

Interview on Abey Torrez an Instructor at SFCC This week Abey Torrez who is 52 years old, a SFCC (Santa Fe Community College) adjunct instructor and Greenhouse technician was chosen by me (Bridgette Hall) for an interview. He was an instructor for one of my Controlled Environment Agriculture classes and did an outstanding job teachingContinue reading

Aquaponics in Serbia

Aquaponics is a small but growing club. This week Nemanja shared with us how he is a part of the Aquaponics community. It’s always great to learn about one another. “ My name is Nemanja Živić, I am 27 years old and currently I am working as Technical Support Engineer for CHPs on Biogas inContinue reading

Aquaponic Growers Eligible for Coronavirus Assistance

Multiple USDA representatives assured the Aquaponics Association that aquaponics operations producing qualified crops are eligible for financial support through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP). The Deadline to apply is August 28, 2020. Growers are also eligible for Small Business Administration Programs.   By Thomas Wheet and Brian Filipowich The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impactedContinue reading

USDA Powerpoint for $3M Urban Ag Grants

  Yesterday, June 3, the USDA hosted a webinar on $3 million in competitive grants from the new Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production. The USDA states: “The competitive grants will support the development of urban agriculture and innovative production projects through two categories, Planning Projects and Implementation Projects. USDA will accept applications onContinue reading

Weds June 3 USDA Webinar on $3M Urban / Innovative Ag Grants

This Wednesday, June 3 is the USDA’s webinar on the $3M in Urban and Innovative Agriculture grants! Let’s make sure funding is directed to aquaponics. Click here: Register for June 3 USDA Urban / Innovative Ag Grants Webinar. (Scroll to bottom of page under “Additional Resources”.) Background article from May 7, 2020: USDA Launches InnovativeContinue reading

Survey Results: COVID’s Effect on U.S. Aquaponics

Researchers from Virginia Tech, Ohio State, and Engle-Stone Aquatic$ conducted a formal survey to determine the effect of COVID19 on U.S. aquaculture, aquaponics, and allied businesses, see: Commercial Aquaculture Survey Results. And the researchers parsed out the data for aquaponics: COVID19 Aquaponics Survey Results. Background On March 23rd, 2020, Virginia Tech Seafood AREC and TheContinue reading

Aquaponics AI is your first cloud-based dashboard for Aquaponics

Check out Aquaponics AI, an Affiliate Member of the Aquaponics Association. The Aquaponics Association Affiliate Program allows aquaponics businesses and institutions to spread the latest products, services, classes, and events! Aquaponics AI is a cloud-based software using a data and intelligence-driven approach to growing with Aquaponics for the small and large farm.  We provide youContinue reading

Ed’s Heartbreaking Aquaponics Move; Classroom to Wine Cellar

By Ed Tivnan, Director of STEM Aquaponics Aquaponics Association On Monday, March 23, 2020, the faculty at the Tremont High School in Concord, Massachusetts got the closure orders from the Governor that our school building would be closing by noon the next day. So, I had 24 hours to disassemble and move out the bestContinue reading

USDA Launches Innovative Ag Office – Announces $3M Grants

By Thomas Wheet and Brian Filipowich The 2018 U.S. Farm Bill charged the USDA with creating the Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production (“Urban Ag Office”). The Farm Bill noted that urban agriculture can “contribute to the revitalization of abandoned or underutilized urban land, [bring] social and economic benefits to urban communities, and [create]Continue reading

USDA Voluntary G.A.P. Program

By Tawnya Sawyer The USDA recently recognized aquaponics under their voluntary Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program through the Specialty Crops Inspection (SCI) division. This program is in its pilot phase for audits and certification of selected aquaponics farms through the end of 2020. Having a set of guidelines for aquaponics helps to better align withContinue reading

Hawaii Growers Donate Tilapia to the Homeless

By Vernon Byrd,  University of the Nations, Kona Hawaii Campus At the University of the Nations, Kona, Hawaii campus, we normally provide lettuce, bunching onions, basil, kale and parsley for the campus cafeteria. Although we normally produce about 800 heads of lettuce per week, the cafeteria uses more than that, but, we have had aContinue reading

Home Aquaponics is Expanding During the Lockdown

By Brian Filipowich We recently sent a short, informal survey asking how the lockdown conditions are affecting aquaponic growers. This article provides the results for home / personal aquaponic growers. We got about 30 responses in this category. (Also see the results for Commercial Aquaponic Growers.) Survey respondents indicate that the lockdown conditions are givingContinue reading

Food Safety and E. coli in Aquaponic and Hydroponic Systems

This document is The Aquaponics Association’s response to a recent publication on E. coli in Aquaponic and Hydroponic systems. PDF Version: Food Safety and E. Coli in Aquaponic and Hydroponic Systems April 27, 2020 By Tawnya Sawyer; Nick Savidov, PhD; George Pate; and Marc Laberge  Overview of the Study On April 6, 2020, Purdue AgricultureContinue reading

Box to Bounty; Transforming Backyard Splash Pools to Food Safe Aquaponics Victory Gardens

by George Brooks, Jr. Ph.D NxT Horizon Group The CBS news headline reads; “Victory Gardens” for the pandemic. I am a 40-year aquaculture academic, extension and industry professional and my wife Angela is a certified U of Az Master Gardener. Together we own the aquaponics AgTech development firm NxT Horizon and Millbrook Urban Farms. TheContinue reading

Lawsuit Threatens Aquaponics Organic Eligibility

The Center for Food Safety (CFS), along with a coalition of organic farms and stakeholders, filed a lawsuit challenging the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) decision to allow hydroponic operations to be certified organic. The Court has set a hearing date for June 11, 2020. The lawsuit claims that hydroponic operations do not comply withContinue reading

Remote Aquaponics During The Lockdown in Amman, Jordan

By Jonathan Reyes & Daniel Robards Aquaponics AI — Amman, Jordan Jordan has made international news regarding the swift and extreme lockdown of international travel, businesses and curfews. This means no driving, no stores are allowed to open, a complete shutdown of the supply chain. We were officially at home with a farm that needed us.Continue reading

Santa Fe CC Uses Aquaponics to Feed the Community During Pandemic

By Charlie Shultz Like all schools across the nation, Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) was thrown into a tidal wave of confusion about how to move into a new paradigm of education, food production, and distribution by the coronavirus. We teach one of the few Aquaponic accredited courses at the college level and we wereContinue reading

Commercial Growers Hit Hard By Coronavirus

Two weeks ago we sent a short, informal survey asking how the lockdown conditions are affecting aquaponic growers. This article provides the results from commercial aquaponic growers. By Brian Filipowich Commercial aquaponic growers have been hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown. We received about 25 survey responses from commercial growers and about two-thirds said theirContinue reading

COVID-19 Commercial Aquaponics / Aquaculture Survey

Researchers from Virginia Tech and Ohio State University are conducting a survey to determine how aquaculture, aquaponics, and related businesses are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey is anonymous, no personal info will be collected. A summary of the results (no raw data) will be shared in support of efforts to secure relief andContinue reading

How is coronavirus affecting your aquaponics?

Please take our online survey to let us know how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting you and your aquaponic growing. Your input will help us determine if there’s anything we can do to help growers overcome common hurdles during these uncharted times. We will post the results and do our best to link folks toContinue reading

Coronavirus Shows the Importance of Local, Efficient Agriculture

By Brian Filipowich The coronavirus outbreak is already disrupting international travel and trade. The pandemic could impact the global food supply chain and leave some populations without adequate nutrition. This pandemic shows that we need to invest in local agriculture to boost our supply of local, reliable food. Aquaponics, hydroponics, and controlled-environment agriculture can produceContinue reading

Food Safety Presentation from Aquaculture America

Photo: East Fork Creek Gardens, a Member of the Aquaponics Association At the Aquaculture America Conference this month, Aquaponics Association Members Charlie Shultz and Dr. Nick Savidov delivered a presentation on aquaponics food safety: Good Agricultural Practice for Aquaponic Produce and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Certification, 2020 Update. The presentation reviews the current stateContinue reading

TrueNute Nutrient Management Services

  Check out a great service from True Aquaponics, an Affiliate Member of the Aquaponics Association. The Aquaponics Association Affiliate Program allows aquaponics businesses and institutions to spread the latest products, services, classes, and events! Are you having nutrient issues with your commercial aquaponic system? Unsure what deficiency you have and what to dose toContinue reading

USDA Grants Call for Aquaponics

By Brian Filipowich Major Federal Grants have recently been published that can apply to aquaponics growers. USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Grants will disburse $192 Million for FY2020 across several different programs and specifically call for aquaponics and hydroponics projects. Due dates for grant applications range from March 12 to May 28, 2020,Continue reading

Aquaponics at Aquaculture America, Honolulu, HI

Aquaculture America is coming up Feb 9-12 in Honolulu, HI. The Aquaponics sessions at the Conference will be Feb 10 from 11am-5pm; and Feb 11 from 10:30am to 12:30pm. There will be over 30 presentations on all aspects of aquaponics. Aquaponics Engineer Huy Tran noted that aquaponics is growing rapidly; a few years ago atContinue reading

Aquaponics at Massachusetts Corrections Facility

Berkshire Education and Correction Service in Massachusetts is about to open a new Aquaponics Lab, installed by Aquaponics Association Member 100 Gardens. The aquaponic system is expected to produce about 1,500 heads of lettuce and 80lbs of fish per week. Check out this quick video of the facilities from Facebook.

Aquaponics Can Reduce Food Miles

By Brian Filipowich Long travel distances for our food lead to excessive carbon use, energy use for refrigeration, food spoilage, nutrient depletion, and poorer food security. Aquaponics – and other controlled-environment growing techniques like hydroponics and aeroponics – can greatly reduce the distance food travels from farm to plate. For the first time ever, researchersContinue reading

SAVE THE DATE: Tulsa, Oklahoma September 25-27

ANNUAL CONFERENCE SAVE THE DATE The Aquaponics Association is excited to announce that we will hold our annual conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma from September 25 – 27! Stay tuned for much more info and tickets within a few weeks. 2019 PRESENTATIONS AVAILABLE FOR MEMBERS Did you know that Aquaponics Association Members have free access toContinue reading

Congress Funds Office of Urban & Innovative Agriculture

By Brian Filipowich The new Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production created by the 2018 Farm Bill had been sitting in limbo for the past year. The USDA declined to establish it without dedicated funding from Congress. On December 20, 2019, the President signed into law H.R. 1865, The Further Consolidated Appropriations Act ofContinue reading

North Central Aquaculture Conference Feb 1-2 in Columbus, Ohio

The 2020 North Central Aquaculture Conference, co-hosted by the USDA North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC) and the Ohio Aquaculture Association (OAA) will be held February 1-2, 2020 in Columbus, OH. Eighteen sessions comprising 54 presentations will be available for attendees to choose from. Attendees can register here: Click for 2020 North Central AquacultureContinue reading

Commercial Aquaponics Breakout Discussions

By Brian Filipowich At the Putting Out Fruits Conference in September, 2019 we held breakout discussions for Commercial Aquaponics, Community Aquaponics, and Aquaponics Research & Education. These small-group discussions allowed all participants to provide input on how we can work together to advance aquaponics in each area. This article reviews participants’ input from the CommercialContinue reading

Auburn University Aquaponics Survey

A message from D. Allen Pattillo at Auburn University: Hello fellow aquaponic enthusiasts! The School of Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences (SFAAS) invites you to participate in a survey study to generate a ‘snapshot’ of the status of the aquaponics industry. This survey is designed for hobbyists, educators, and for-profit aquaponic producers. We recognize andContinue reading

2019 Aquaponics Food Safety Statement

The Aquaponics Association presents the 2019 Aquaponics Food Safety Statement, signed by over 130 organizations, including 98 from the U.S. This statement explains the food safety credentials of produce grown in aquaponic systems. PDF version: 2019 Aquaponics Food Safety Statement December 9, 2019 Aquaponics Food Safety Statement Established Science Confirms Aquaponic Fish and Produce areContinue reading

Community Collaboration and Partnership: Takeaways from the 2019 Putting Out Fruits Conference

By: Kate Wildrick, Strategic Advisor / Community Builder  As the sun gently warmed the rolling hillsides surrounding the KSU Organics Research Facility, I watched as several new and familiar faces entered the building eager to learn and connect with others.  The annual Aquaponics Association’s Conference focused on showcasing how the movement was growing and expandingContinue reading

Aquaponics Course at U. New Hampshire!

See Full Flyer The University of New Hampshire is offering a great Aquaponics Course this Spring (SAFS 740). Students will perform labs in the aquaponic greenhouse, handle and raise fish, learn about water treatment and nutrient management, and learn how to design an integrated aquaponic farm of their own. See UNH’s Kingman Research Farm, whichContinue reading

ACTION ALERT: Tell Congress to Support USDA Urban / Innovative Ag Office

(Bella Vita Farm, Brookeville, MD) Please call or email your two senators and one representative and ask them to Support the new USDA Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production. In the next week or two, Congress will decide whether or not to fund the USDA’s new Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production. TheContinue reading

2019 Aquaponics Food Safety Statement Sign-on

Dear Aquaponics Growers, At the Putting Out Fruits conference last month, we all agreed that it was important for our community to make a positive statement asserting the food safety status of aquaponics. Part of the motivation was that a major food safety certifier, Canada GAP, recently announced it will revoke certification for aquaponic farmsContinue reading

Great Article on Aquaponics’ Future

Check out the recent article from Aquaculture North America: Aquaponics: the future or a niche? The article contains great insights and opinions from industry leaders about where aquaponics is headed.

October Aquaponics News Roundup

Sick of the same old TV shows? You’re in luck! It’s the Aquaponics News Roundup! The fishtank pictured above is from FoodChain in Lexington, KY, a non-profit aquaponic farm we toured at the September Putting Out Fruits Conference. Now for the news… A lot’s happening in the world of aquaponics! This installment of the NewsContinue reading

Food System Transformations Report

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food and The Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development recently published a report: Beacons of Hope; Accelerating Transformations to Sustainable Food Systems. The Report “showcases the groundswell of people transforming our food systems in beneficial, dynamic, and significant ways, through nature- and people-based solutions. It provides a Food SystemsContinue reading

Aquaponics News Roundup 9/30/19

The aquaponics industry keeps on building momentum! In this “News Roundup” we’re emphasizing the financial impact that the industry will have in the near future, an educational initiative to develop both students and the community, and the growing intersection between cannabis and aquaponics. The Aquaponics Association’s Jesse Samento and Loic Le Goueff team up toContinue reading

Putting Out Fruits Conference Summary

Last weekend over 260 aqua-pioneers gathered at Kentucky State University for the Aquaponics Association’s Putting Out Fruits Conference. The Conference included learning tracks for commercial, community, and STEM / research aquaponics. We toured FoodChain, a non-profit aquaponic-farm in an old bread factory. And we toured six different stations at the Kentucky State University Aquaculture /Continue reading

FoodChain; Friday Conference Tour

We will be touring FoodChain, an aquaponic farm in Lexington, KY on Friday, September 20 at the Putting Out Fruits Conference! Since 2013, FoodChain has been operating an indoor aquaponic farm in an abandoned bread factory in order to demonstrate how cities can turn underutilized, industrial spaces into food production. Their farm uses a deep-waterContinue reading

Podcast: Conference Discussion

Aquaponics Association Chairman Brian Filipowich appeared on the Growing with Fishes Podcast to discuss the upcoming Putting Out Fruits Conference and other Association activities. Here’s how to access the podcast. Video: Audio: Podcast host Steve Raisner will be at the Conference, presenting on the newest advances in Insect and Pest Management, and partaking in anContinue reading

Commercial Aquaponics Learning Track

Commercial Aquaponics is one of the learning tracks at the upcoming Putting Out Fruits Conference, September 20-22 at Kentucky State University. This learning track features presentations and panel discussions intended to boost the aquaponics industry as a whole, and to give individual growers the tools they need to succeed in the market. See the PuttingContinue reading

KSU Aquaculture Research Center Tour

Saturday afternoon of the Putting Out Fruits Conference, participants will split into groups and rotate through multiple sites and demonstrations at the Kentucky State University Aquaculture Research Center. These stations include: -The Aquaponics Demonstration Greenhouse; -Fish Disease Overview; -Insect and Pest Management Demonstration; -Saltwater Shrimp Tour; -Fish Processing Tutorial; -Hatchery and Ponds Tour; and -ReplicatedContinue reading

News Roundup: The Aquaponics Industry is Making Waves

The aquaponics industry is constantly adapting as it revolutionizes how, and where, local foods are produced. For this installment of the “News Roundup” we’re highlighting several interesting articles centered around industry leaders, crop diversification, and updates on the USDA’s support for this rapidly expanding sector. USDA grants $81k to help strengthen student involvement in localizedContinue reading

Conference Program!

The Aquaponics Association 2019 Board of Governors is proud to present the tentative program for the September 20-22 Putting Out Fruits Conference: You can buy your tickets at the Putting Out Fruits homepage. We hope you can make it, Tawnya Sawyer, Conference Chair Aquaponics Association

Summary of Urban Ag in the 2018 Farm Bill

View the full doc here: 2018 Farm Bill / Urban Ag Summary

STEM Discount Tickets are Going Fast!

Carlin from Hemphill Highschool just got a STEM & Community Discount Ticket for the Putting Out Fruits Conference this September 20-22 at Kentucky State University. Learn about our STEM and Community Discount! Aquaponics at Hemphill Highschool: During the 2018-2019 school year, the School constructed phase I of the aquaponics lab. In 2019-2020, the School will completeContinue reading

Global Aquaponic Practitioners Survey

A message from CITYFOOD at the University of Washington: Hello Aquaponic Practitioners and Experts, help us fill in the GAPS by September 1st! Please help us support the field of aquaponics by contributing to the Global Aquaponic Practitioners Survey The CITYFOOD University of Washington team needs your help to empower this amazing field in producingContinue reading

UN: World Food Supply at Risk

A new U.N. Report states that the world’s food supply is at risk from climate change, and we need to change the way we produce our food. “The world’s land and water resources are being exploited at ‘unprecedented rates,’ a new United Nations report warns, which combined with climate change is putting dire pressure onContinue reading

Hennen of the Hydrotron got his STEM Discount Ticket!

Dr. Hennen Cummings got his STEM Discount ticket for the Putting Out Fruits Conference September 20-22 at Kentucky State University. Are you a teacher or community grower? Learn about our STEM and Community Discount! Dr. Cummings teaches college students aquaponics in the Hydrotron which is an 1800ft² greenhouse that has 1750 and 350 gallon tanks withContinue reading

Bill Got His STEM Discount Ticket!

Bill Martin from the Helios Project just got his ticket for the Putting Out Fruits Conference September 20-22 at Kentucky State University. Are you a teacher or community grower? Learn about our STEM and Community Discount! Here’s what Bill says about his project: We created the Helios Project at Pomfret School in Pomfret, CT toContinue reading

STEM & Community Discount

CRITERIA The following individuals are eligible for the STEM & Community Discount: -Individuals representing a 501(c)3 non-profit organization -All teachers and students -All home / backyard / hobbyist growers that do not grow for profit Follow the instructions on the flier to get your discount ticket. The ticket is a full General Admission conference ticket,Continue reading

Conference Room Block at the Capital Plaza Hotel

If you’re coming to the Putting Out Fruits Conference September 20-22 you are eligible for a fantastic deal in our Capital Plaza Hotel room block. Rooms are $109/night and include a full hot breakfast. The room block rate expires August 17. Our Conference Team is busy reviewing presentation proposals, analyzing conference surveys, and drafting aContinue reading

Putting Out Fruits only two months away!

We are less than two months away from Putting Out Fruits at Kentucky State University, September 20-22. Our Conference Team is busy reviewing presentation proposals, analyzing conference surveys, and drafting a program that will advance aquaponics for growers large and small. And we want you to be there! Head to the Putting Out Fruits homepageContinue reading

2019 Gulf “Dead-Zone” Shows the Need for Aquaponics

The 2019 Gulf of Mexico “Dead Zone” is predicted to be the second-largest on record. A dead-zone is an area of very low oxygen (hypoxia) where most life cannot survive. A major cause of the Dead Zone is nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizer runoff from field agriculture along the Mississippi River. This year’s zone was exacerbatedContinue reading

Bad Certification News from Canada

A negative situation is brewing in Canada that could spread across borders and set back aquaponics’ progress worldwide. CanadaGAP, a government-recognized food safety certification program, stated that it will withdraw CanadaGAP certification for Aquaponic production effective March 31, 2020. Unfortunately, the decision appears to be based on faulty and/or incomplete information: “New information has comeContinue reading

Aquaponics in Prisons (3/3) — Salad is a Big Deal

Officer Michael “Mac” McLeon is using aquaponics to improve the Texas Prison System.  We interviewed Mac and uncovered three key points about aquaponics in prisons. In the first post of this series, we discussed the first point: aquaponics in prisons saves taxpayers money. Next, we talked about the power of aquaponics to rehabilitate offenders. In this post, weContinue reading

The Conference Center at Kentucky State University Organic Research and Demonstration Farm

Every year the Aquaponic Association has contracted with a major big city hotel to accommodate the conference. That’s the model for just about every conference right? So you may be asking why change? For the 2019 AA Conference Putting Out Fruits, we will be going down on the farm. We are so very excited toContinue reading

Conference Theme Announcement: Putting Out Fruits

This year’s Aquaponics Association Annual Conference theme is “Putting Out Fruits”. Putting Out Fruits will take place in Frankfort, Kentucky at Kentucky State University on September 20 – 22nd, 2019.  Head to the Putting Out Fruits homepage for ticket info. ( The aquaponics movement is expanding rapidly, and the Aquaponics Association’s annual conferences are growingContinue reading

Aquaponics in Prisons (2/3) — Rehabilitating Offenders

Officer Michael “Mac” McLeon is using aquaponics to improve the Texas Prison System.  We interviewed Mac and uncovered three key points about aquaponics in prisons. In the first post of this series, we discussed the first point: aquaponics in prisons saves taxpayers money. In this post, we discuss how aquaponics is rehabilitating offenders in theContinue reading

Aquaponics in Prisons (1/3) — Saving Taxpayers Money

Officer Michael “Mac” McLeon is using aquaponics to transform the Texas Prison System. Mac’s team set a goal to use aquaponics and grow a salad per day for their entire unit, including inmates AND the officers since they share the same meals. They are currently well on their way to the goal – at oneContinue reading

Forbes Aquaponics Article

Aquaponics was featured in Forbes Magazine, read it here: Congrats to Jason Green and Edenworks on the feature! (and thanks to Dr. George Brooks for the heads-up!)

Take the Global Aquaponic Practitioner Survey

Click: Head to the Global Aquaponic Practitioner Survey A group of researchers from the University of Washington on an international project – Cityfood – is running a global aquaponics survey. This survey will provide researchers with real-world information about existing aquaponic systems and farms which define current practices. Using results from this survey, researchers aimContinue reading

New Aquaponics Report from ATTRA

ATTRA just published a report: Aquaponics – Multitrophic Systems for Food Production. This Report introduces aquaponic systems, discusses economics and getting started, and includes an extensive list of resources that point the reader to print and online educational materials for further technical assistance. The Report is free to download here: ATTRA is a sustainableContinue reading

Environmental Report Urges Food System Changes

A new report Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform On Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services urges changes in our current food system. The Report values the services that our natural ecosystems provide: clean water, clean air, and pollination. We take these services for granted, but population growth and economic growth are impairing the planet’s ability to perform these functions.Continue reading

Aquaponics Funding Alert

  A new program has been funded to advance U.S. marine aquaculture by helping minority-owned businesses around the nation engage and expand in the world’s fastest-growing form of food production. The new Minority Business Enterprise Aquaculture Program is operated by the Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council (FSMSDC) in partnership with the Southern Region MinorityContinue reading

Great article about multi-acre aquaponics facility

Here’s a great article about Superior Fresh, at the cutting edge of the aquaponics industry: Salmon in tanks, lettuce under glass disrupt the food chain    

Conference Dates: September 20-22 @ KSU!

This year, the Aquaponics Association Annual Conference will be September 20-22 at Kentucky State University in Frankfort, KY. Stay tuned for the first round of early bird tickets within a few weeks. Kentucky State University hosts one of the most advanced aquaculture research programs in the nation, including indoor aquaponics research systems, saltwater aquaponics research, aContinue reading

Community Aquaponics Discussions, Theme #3: Financial Challenges

In the first post of this series, we described what we mean by “Community Aquaponics”. Then, we identified the first two themes from the Community Aquaponics breakout discussion groups: Community Involvement and Location Considerations. In this post, we look at the last theme identified by the Community breakout discussion groups: Financial Challenges By Tawnya Sawyer Some of the communityContinue reading

Community Aquaponics Discussions, Theme #2: Location Considerations

In the first post of this series, we described what we mean by “Community Aquaponics”. Then, we identified the first of three themes from the Community Aquaponics breakout discussion groups: Community Involvement. In this post, we look at the second theme identified by the Community breakout discussion groups: Location Considerations By Tawnya Sawyer There are so manyContinue reading

Community Aquaponics Discussions, Theme #1: Community Involvement

In the first post of this series, we described what we mean by “Community Aquaponics”. In this post, we talk about the first of three themes identified by the Community breakout discussion groups at our 2018 Hartford conference. By Tawnya Sawyer Community Involvement Getting the community involved in building and operating a garden and aquaponicContinue reading

Community Aquaponics Discussions; Intro

By Tawnya Sawyer The Hartford, CT Aquaponic Association conference included a Community aquaponics track for people to share their projects, stories and ideas on how aquaponics can create a positive outcome for communities, and also challenges that must be addressed to move forward. Having coordinated, presented, and attended the Community conference tracks since 2011, IContinue reading

New Report Sets Targets for Global Sustainable Food Production

A new report from the EAT-Lancet Commission for Food, Planet, and Health offers scientific targets for global sustainable food production. The report also conveys an urgent need to change the way we produce our food. See the report:  EAT Lancet Report The EAT-Lancet Commission sets quantifiable targets for change, like reducing food system carbon dioxideContinue reading

Farm Bill Creates Office for Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production

By Brian Filipowich The 2018 Farm Bill (H.R.2) passed both the House and Senate and will be signed into law by the President imminently. The Bill creates the USDA Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production which should boost aquaponics, hydroponics, and other sustainable growing methods. The Bill establishes the Office “to encourage and promoteContinue reading

Commercial Aquaponics Breakout Discussions

By John Roe This year at our Putting Up Shoots conference in Hartford, Connecticut, I was fortunate to participate in a lively, encouraging, open discussion group entitled, “Overcoming Common Problems in Commercial Aquaponics”.  The thesis of the discussion was centered around answering common pitfalls, problems, and other hardships that have the potential to hinder aquaponicsContinue reading

Recap of 2018 Hartford Aquaponic Tours

Recap of 2018 Hartford Aquaponic Tours By Tawnya Sawyer       Every year, aquaponic tours are a highlight of the Aquaponics Association Conference. This year’s Putting Up Shoots Conference in Hartford, CT included tours of three very different aquaponic systems: one hobby-homestead system growing into a commercial-scale farm, one community center with sustainability at the core, andContinue reading

Climate Change Report Highlights the Need for Aquaponics

By Brian Filipowich The U.S. Government’s Fourth National Climate Assessment (November, 2018) highlights the need to adopt aquaponics at a large scale nationwide. The report states: “over the next few decades, overall, yields from major U.S. crops are expected to decline as a consequence of increases in temperatures and possibly changes in water availability, soilContinue reading

Putting Up Shoots Perspective from the Host

Perspective on the Aquaponics Association’s September, 2018 Conference in Hartford, CT By Spencer Curry I’ve been a member of the Aquaponics Association ever since the Denver conference in 2012 and have been to four conferences since then.  Back in 2012, I only had a basic desktop setup going. In fact, I returned from the conferenceContinue reading

The Story of STEM Aquaponics at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

By Kevin Savage Aquaponics at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA) in Ohio had humble beginnings – it began as a 3-week module in an agriculture unit of an environmental science elective course.  Under the guidance of two commercial aquaponic-growers, the first small aquaponic system was constructed in a CHCA classroom in November 2011, using aContinue reading

How to Work with Your Food Safety Auditor

Food Safety: Answers and Updates  FOR FRUIT AND VEGETABLE CROPS By Juli Ogden and Ben Marchant / The Farm Plan LLC At The Farm Plan, we provide many farmers with on-site audit support. In my opinion, one of the most important pieces of advice I can give farmers is ‘learn to work with your auditor’.Continue reading

House Farm Bill Doesn’t Even Mention Aquaponics

Our Chairman Brian Filipowich has been busy keeping aquaponics in the news.  Check out the article he contributed to about the 2018 Farm Bill. “The House Agriculture Committee recently passed its draft of the 2018 Farm Bill (H.R.2) to the House floor for consideration. The bill doesn’t even mention sustainable production methods like aquaponics, hydroponics,Continue reading

2018 U.S. Farm Bill Campaign

Update: 2/1/2018 About every five years the Federal Government passes a massive, far-reaching “Farm Bill” with the main aim of providing an adequate national supply of food and nutrition. The Bill affects all facets of the U.S. food system including nutrition assistance, crop subsidies, crop insurance, research, and conservation. The 2014 Farm Bill directed theContinue reading

Organic Comment Fall 2017

Aquaponics and Hydroponics Organic Coalition Comment for the Fall 2017 NOSB Meeting The Aquaponic and Hydroponic Organic Coalition recommends that the NOSB allow organic certification of aquaponic and hydroponic (AP/HP) farms that are compliant with USDA organic standards. These farming methods align with the organic mission and the integrity of the organic label stands muchContinue reading

The Soil Food Web in Aquaponics

Aquaponics Association Fact Sheet: soil food web aug 2018

Spring 2017 Update

NOSB Defers Decision on Organic Aquaponics to Fall 2017 By Jack Symington Spring 2017 After three days of discussion in April, the National Organic Standards Board deferred deciding on the Organic eligibility of bioponic farming methods, including aquaponics. The NOSB will continue studying the issue and revisit it at the Fall 2017 meeting. For theContinue reading

Aquaponic GAP Standards

This is out of date and is considered archived and not a resource.   The Aquaponics Association has developed a set of provisional Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) for aquaponics, a first step in enabling future food safety audits for large aquaponics operations. As these GAPs may run contrary to design of some current home gardensContinue reading

Organic Issue

Join the Aquaponic and Hydroponic Organic Coalition  The National Organic Standards Board will vote this November to formally recommend banning organic aquaponics and hydroponics, help us fight back! CLICK HERE to join the effort CLICK HERE to view the Coalition’s comment letter to the NOSB The Aquaponics Association has established the Aquaponic and Hydroponic Organic Coalition. The missionContinue reading

Water Chemistry Presentation

Water Chemistry for Fun and Profit by cb on Scribd

Tawnya’s Intro to Aquaponics

Tawnya Aquaponics Intro by cb on Scribd