2021 Aquaponics Association Board Positions


The Aquaponics Association has TWO open Board positions: 1) Treasurer; and 2) General Board Member. Please see descriptions, below.

To Apply, please email a CV or resume and a brief statement of interest to community@legacy.aquaponicsassociation.org

The Aquaponics Association is a nonprofit, Member-based organization that expands the practice of aquaponics through education, advocacy, and connection.

Board Members will consult on and execute activities that further the Association’s Mission, such as:

  • Participating in a Working Group to convene Members and plan / execute activities to advance a specific field within aquaponics: Commercial, Community, STEM Education, or Research;
  • Writing articles, emails, Social Media posts, or Members Area content;
  • Planning and executing the annual conference, monthly webinars, or other activities;
  • Attending external events and representing the Association;
  • Reaching out to new aquaponics audiences, partners, and potential funders;
  • Raising the profile of aquaponics in the media or among policy-makers;
  • Ensure that the Association is in good financial and legal health, and operating according to our bylaws; and
  • Any other activities that can expand the practice of aquaponics and help our Members!


Responsibilities of Aquaponics Association Board Members

  • Board Members are expected to devote about 10 hours per month to the Association
    • Attend two 1-hour Board calls / videos per month
    • Be available to spend about 8 additional hours per month on Association activities
  • Board Members are expected to check the Association Members Communication Area at least once per week to check on activity and respond to correspondence
  • Board Members are asked to respond to all email, phone, text, and Member’s Area correspondence relating to Association business within about two business days
  • The Board is subject to a Conflict of Interest Policy (see Bylaws Addendum)
  • Board Members are expected to provide a photograph and brief bio for the Association website “About” page within one month of becoming a Board Member
  • Board Members are expected to fill out their Members Area profile
  • Board terms are three years, though we can consider a 2-year term

Board Privileges

In return for Board Members devoting approximately 10 hours per month toward the Association, Board Members are granted the following privileges:

  • Free General Membership during the years of their service, and for one full year after their service ends. (Or $60 off an Affiliate Membership for these periods)
  • Free ticket to the Annual Aquaponics Association Conference
  • Free access to all Association paid products including online webinars, conference videos, and related materials
  • Board Members are legally protected from liability by the Aquaponics Association’s Directors and Officers Insurance Policy
  • Board Members will be listed with a photograph and short bio on the Association website About page
  • All new Board Members will be mailed a free Association t-shirt


  • Develop and Maintain an Annual Association Budget and an Annual Conference Budget
  • Make and collect payments on behalf of the Association
  • Help to develop and execute Association Fundraising Activities
  • Consider the Association’s financial status and the financial impact of potential Association actions and represent this viewpoint on Board decision-making
  • Assist in maintenance of Association bank accounts and payment applications, and manage the Association;s Quickbooks Account
  • Provide very brief monthly report of the Association’s financial status
  • Assist in preparation of financial information for annual tax filing



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