2020 Internship Opportunities


Aquaponics is growing, and the Aquaponics Association pushing it forward!

The Association has many exciting projects to connect aquaponic growers and advance aquaponics! 2020 is already a big year for the Association as many new initiatives, strategic partnerships and new Members are emerging. Please see below for information about the internship and the areas in which we need help.

Internship Details

  • Interns must commit to a minimum of 10 hours per week
  • Interns must commit to a minimum of 16 weeks
  • All interships are remote
  • Upon successful completion of the intership (160 hour minimum) the Intern will receive a letter of recommendation and two years of Aquaponics Association General Membership
  • Interns that start before September 1, 2020 will receive one ticket to the Fall 2020 Aquaponics Association virtual conference

  • To apply, send 1) a resume and 2) a cover letter or brief statement of interest to community@legacy.aquaponicsassociation.org


We seek interns to assist help in the following areas:

Communications & Social Media

  • Write blog posts and articles;
  • Coordinate Association publications schedule
  • Oversee and execute publications across media including the Aquaponics Association website, Member forum, Facebook, Linkedin, Instgram, and Twitter accounts; track and grow followers and viewership
  • Create monthly newsletters and membership emails
  • Stay on top of the latest news in aquaponics

Public Policy

  • Research and write posts, articles, or reports on agriculture, the U.S. food system, and public policies that affect aquaponics
  • Review the implementation of recently-enacted Farm Bill policies that affect aquaponics, including the establishment of the USDA Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production
  • Represent the views of the aquaponics community to Congress, the USDA, and executive branch agencies that affect aquaponics
  • Study true-cost accounting, lifecycle analysis, ecosystem service-valuation, and related fields to compare the costs and benefits of aquaponics compared to other forms of agriculture
  • Research food safety and other laws and regulations that affect aquaponic growers, assist members navigating laws and regulations
  • Promote USDA and other grant opportunities to the aquaponics community
  • Research Organic Certification, the legal challenge to Organic aquaponics, and related labeling issues for aquaponics

Technology and New Media

  • Help improve the interactive Member’s area
  • Help create new interactive aquaponics resource database
  • Improve and modernize Association website, interactive Membership Area, and communications functions
  • Create interactive map for Members to post their aquaponic systems
  • Edit and distribute digital content, such as conference videos and webinars
  • Help plan and execute live online conferences and events

Aquaponics Research

  • Stay abreast of the latest aquaponics research, disseminate important research to members
  • Assist members in applying the newest research to their growing
  • Summarize the latest news about cutting-edge aquaponics projects
  • Understand and explain aquaponics concepts in water chemistry, fish health, nutrient cycling, filtration, etc.
  • Research and plan for an aquaponics research publication
  • Communicate with researchers and growers to identify research needs


  • Maintain and promote the Aquaponics Association Affiliate Page and its Affiliates
  • Solicit more Affiliate Members, maintain communications with Affiliates
  • Build Affiliate Profiles, list services, and create promotional posts
  • Utilize, promote, and drive usage of Association Member’s Area


  • Help identify, research, and communicate with foundations that support sustainable agriculture
  • Help research and apply for grant opportunities to fund Association activities or that could apply to Association Members
  • Help develop individual donor program and reach out to individual donors
  • help the Association and Members access the June 2020 $3Million in grant funding from new USDA Urban Ag Office

To apply, send 1) a resume and 2) a cover letter or brief statement of interest to community@legacy.aquaponicsassociation.org

Thank you for your interest in supporting aquaponics!


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