Aquaponics Association Initiatives for 2019

Listed below are initiatives that Board of Governors is working on in 2019. Have feedback? Email us at

Improve the Affiliate Program & Page

Membership Director Melissa Voss and Technology Director Aaron Courtyard are improving the Affiliate Program and Page. The Association receives weekly inquiries from outside individuals seeking aquaponics training, facilities, and service-providers. We send all of these inquiries to our Affiliate page, where Affiliates will be able to be identified by location and services offered. Stay tuned for updates…

2019 Conference at Kentucky State University

We’re excited to host the annual conference in conjunction with one of the nation’s top aquaculture programs. We are starting the planning process now to ensure another great conference! We’ll announce dates within a week.

Working Groups

For over 6 months, including at the September conference members meeting, the board has been discussing and slowly establishing working groups to focus on discreet segments of aquaponics. The board has tentatively established five working groups, listed below with the initial Director.

  • Commercial Aquaponics, Tawnya Sawyer
  • Aquaponics Research, Julie Flegal-Smallwood
  • Aquaponics in STEM Education, Kevin Savage
  • Community Aquaponics, Kate Wildrick (interim)
  • Aquaponics Food Safety, vacant

Stay tuned for more updates, and opportunities for YOU to join a working group!

Online Aquaponics Database

The Association is teaming up with Trifecta Ecosystems to create an extensive online database of trustworthy, certified aquaponics information. The project is just getting underway, stay tuned for more info…

Member Communications Platform Review

Aaron Courtyard and Melissa Voss are leading a review of what member communications platform best fits the needs of the Association. A few years ago, the Association began using Slack as communications platform. The account is still active, but the board is not devoting resources to maintaining it and may phase it out depending on this review. The board hopes to decide and implement the new platform within a few months.

Farm Bill

The once-every-five-year U.S. Farm Bill passed and included provisions relating to aquaponics, including a new Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production. The Association will stay in communication with Congress, the USDA, and other relevant agencies to represent the aquaponics community throughout implementation of the Bill. Along the way, we’ll be asking for YOUR input!

Aquaponics in Prisons with Officer Mac

Community Aquaponics Director Kate Wildrick is leading a partnership with Officer Mac, who you may remember from Putting Up Shoots. Officer Michael “Mac” Macleon has had tremendous success with aquaponics in the Texas prison system, and now he hopes to spread aquaponics to prisons nationwide. Stay tuned for some posts from Kate and to hear how the Association is helping out!


The Association will continue to educate the public about aquaponics. We will continue to spread the word about aquaponics in 2019 by sharing accurate information to targeted audiences.

2019 Interns

Given the load of work to do, the board is seeking a Communications Intern, Public Policy Intern, Aquaponics Research Intern, and Technology & New Media Intern. We will post these positions soon.

Do you have feedback? If you have an opinion on the 2019 Aquaponics Association Initiatives please email us at


Brian Filipowich, Chairman
Aquaponics Association