2019 Conference Slide Presentations


Aquaponics Association Survey Report D. Allen Pattillo, David Cline, Janelle Hager, and Terry Hanson

This presentation provides a research summary on the current state of the aquaponics industry. It includes information on methods of production, fish and plants sale data, aquaponics experiences, and more.

Case Study: Aquaponics in China  – Brian Cao

A general overview of aquaponics in China, and a look at the development of a 1000 m2 and 10000 m2 aquaponics facility.

Creating the Aquaponics Economy – Brian Filipowich

An economic analysis on the current food production systems. Two concepts are explored – externalities and capital stocks (specifically natural capital stocks) – to better understand the true hidden costs of the current food production systems.

Nutrient Management in Aquaponics at Auburn University – Daniel Wells

Details on types of nutrients needed for healthy plant growth, how such nutrients are moved throughout the plants, and how to manage the nutrients availability in the aquaponics system.

Aquaponics in the Developing World: Arid Regions Northern Mexico – Darynne Lee

A general overview of aquaponics and the benefits of aquaponics in arid regions of Mexico.

Backyard Build – Ed Favilla

Overview of a simple aquaponics build by the presenter.

O’Maley Innovation Middle School Gloucester Ma – Ed Tivnan

Pictures of classroom aquaponics systems.

Pettengill Farm Salisbury Ma – Ed Tivnan

Pictures of how aquaponics farms adapt to harsh Massachusetts winters.

RAS Design and Engineering Principles with Aquaponics Integration – James Ebeling

A design perspective on aquaponics systems. The presentation includes diagrams and pictures on the essential components in an aquaponics system along with the different types of aquaponics design.

Developing a Naturally-Derived Nutrient Solution Using Recirculating Aquaculture Effluent – Joe Tetreault

A look at how to utilize waste from recirculating aquaculture systems using microbial digestion method.

Feeding the Future: What Role Can Aquaponics and Aquaculture Play – Jim Tidwell

Statistical data on the benefits of aquaculture and aquaponics on the future of food production. Aquaculture holds promising results for sustaining future population growth while reducing land and resource usage.

Classroom Aquaponics – John Dupuis

Pictures of aquaponics systems built by students.

Building Business Principles in Stem Curriculum – Kevin Savage

An example of how business principles from an aquaponics farm are incorporated into the classroom at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy.

Research and Community Outreach Development at Lethbridge College, Alberta – Nick Savidov

Professional presentation on aquaponics research project at Lethbridge College. The project is based on four pillars: Agri-H2O, Agri-Food, Agri-Business, and community engagement. The presentation also includes outreach program details and a look into the development of biochar filtration system.

Financial Planning for Faring Success – JD Sawyer

Data tables that take into consideration of many different factors to help determine the economic outcome of an aquaponics farm.

Sharing Our Journey: From a “hobby-dream” Concept to a Full Business – Matt Randall

An overview of the factors that help the GYO Greens aquaponics farm in Florida succeed.

Can Aquaponics Change the Developing World? – Phil Reasons

A short description of which countries qualify as developing countries along with additional pictures of aquaponics in developing countries.

Challenges in Developing World – Phil Reasons

A list of the challenges that aquaponics projects face in developing countries.

Solar Powered Aquaponics in Africa – Phil Reasons

The presentation shows how solar powered is incorporated into an aquaponics farm in a developing nation and its results after 6 years of production.

What’s the Best Type of Greenhouse? – Rob Torcellini

Various simplified drawings that show how sunlight penetrates different types of greenhouse.

Controls & Automation – Rob Torcellini

Pictures and graphs of the control systems in Bigelow Brook Farm.

Microbial Communities and Food Safety in Recirculating Aquaponics – Sean Fogarty

An overview of different microbial analysis from different studies along with a deeper look into the microbial communities in the UNH aquaponics greenhouses.

Energy Efficiency – Stan Crisp

An in depth look at various energy usage in an aquaponics system. The presentation also includes information on different types of renewable energy.

Chilled Wet Wall Testing – Stan Crisp

Two graphs comparing the temperature outside of the greenhouse, temperature inside of the greenhouse, and outside RH temperature throughout the day.

Probiotic Microbes & Beneficial Insects in Aquaponics IPM – Stephen Raisner

Information on different methods used to treat common plant problems and support plant health.

Aone Farm, the Pioneer of Aquaponics in China – Shumin Wang

Pictures of Aone farm in china.

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